How to Resolve QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working Problem?

We can see a great advancement in technology with the growing industrial and business demands. With this technological advancement, an upgrade in the accounting applications also took place. We know that every type of organization needs to make use of an accounting software for calculating the accurate results. QuickBooks is that accounting software that has shown a huge popularity among both the small as well as medium sized businesses as it has served as a software with different important features like payroll, accounting, restoring, and others that are needed in a business. However, if it comes across certain errors as mentioned in this blog post below, it will lead to the QuickBooks file doctor not working error. This file doctor tool is helpful in the damage repair of QuickBooks and its company file.

The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool helps in the following circumstances:

If you are unable to open your company file and see one of these error messages:

  • QuickBooks Error Code -6000 -82 QuickBooks Error Code -6000 -301
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 QuickBooks Error Code -6147-0
  • QB Error Code -6000 -304 QB Error Code -6150
  • QuickBooks Error on a network or multi-user setup error in mac Presence of missing or blank lists for your customers.
  • Error Code H101 Corrupted QuickBooks Company File
  • Error Code- H202 Your file is severely damaged and will not open, but you can open sample company files (or other files).

QuickBook offers integration to the QB file doctor tool (QBFD) application. They take care of repairing of your data and repairing every issue your system is facing. QuickBook is a very helpful and important application but will turn your work upside down if the QuickBooks file doctor shows an error in working.

The ‘File Doctor Not Working Appears’ Error

If due to some repair procedure, your application is hanging, then your QuickBooks file doctor will stop working and will show an error. This depends on your file size and its location. This means that there is a corrupted file, and for resolving this error, fix the QBW file.

How Can I Fix QuickBooks File Doctor is Not Working Error?

We all know the importance a QuickBooks file doctor holds. Now think of a situation where this application stopped working or started showing errors in its functioning. You also might be facing with a similar error. However, do not panic. In such a case, just follow the steps provided below:

Solution 1: Manually launch QuickBooks file doctor

  • This can be done by following the steps below:
  • Launch QuickBooks file doctor and wait until the screen shows a pop-up of ‘No Company Open’
  • Then go to Files> Utilities> Click on Repair File and Network Problems. This will lead to the opening of a dialog box.
  • Click OK. After this, the application is started by a QuickBooks file doctor with the rights of an administrator. In the dialog box, click on Yes.
  • There will be a wrench icon to open the QuickBooks file doctor application. Click on Continue.
  • Enter your credentials and log into your file. This will start the QuickBooks file doctor to work on repairing your file.
  • Choose ‘File Diagnosis Only’ from the option of Advanced Settings.
  • Click on Next.
  • Once the system prompts, open the file and check if any issue still persists.

Solution 2: The damaged files back up should be restored

If you want to solve the file doctor not working error, then follow the two steps provided below.

1. The damaged file back up should be restored. Doing this replaces the damaged file with the back up file. This is how you can do it:

  • Launch the QuickBooks > File > Open or Restore Company.
  • Now get all the damaged backup files restored
  • Go to Next.
  • Get hold of a backup copy and restore it
  • Click on Local Backup and go to Next.
  • Select the Local Backup
  • The ‘Look In’ drop down option appears, go to the backup file’s location.
  • Choose the backup file location where you want to save it
  • Select the backup that has . QBB extension and click on Open.
  • Now, choose the backup file from that folder and name it
  • Click on Next.

All the damaged file backup is to be restored

  • You will see a Save In drop down option, select the location you want to restore the file.
  • Save a type field of the QuickBooks Files
  • NOw save the file with the name you want. It will turn as *.QBW automatically
  • Restore the QuickBooks Files

If the first method of the two does not work, then move to the next option:

2. Auto Data Recovery Option: The QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery (ADR) begins with the examination and analysis of the file just after you have created your file. After the Auto Data Recovery has examined that there is no error in the file, a copy of the file will be saved in the ADR folder and continue. ADR does a file backup every 12 hours. The backup files help the QuickBooks Data Recovery Support team with the file restoring.

The File Doctor Not Working Error Messages That are Displayed on your Monitor:

When the QuickBooks File Doctor Does Not work and shows an error, then you will be seeing the Error Messages displaying on your computer monitor. Below provided are a set of Questions provided below or even similar to them that you might be facing.


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