Simple Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6189

Known as one of the most powerful and most effective accounting software, QuickBooks stands among the top software all across the globe. But, just the way all other software applications face issues in the irritating technicality, this too does. QBs users mostly go through one common error and that is the error of  QuickBooks Error 6189. This specific error code took place during the opening or accessing of the QuickBooks Company File. Once you have come across this error, it naturally implies that the can not access the company file as the admin or the authority. In such situations, you will go on looking for the assistance of help who will help you in fixing this error code issue instantly. So, here, in this blog post, we are sharing with you all the possible ways of fixing it. From that, we recommend you to read this blog entirely.

QuickBooks Error -6189 is that error that generally takes place during the opening of your Company File. The user mostly faces this problem when they are accessing the company file from a QBs Network Device in a multi user based setup.

Reasons why user faces the QuickBooks Error 6189, 186:

⦁       QuickBooks running with no permission from the administrator.

⦁       The company file you are trying to access is not saved on your server.

⦁       Existing of a corrupted or a damaged.ND and.TLG files.

⦁       QuickBooks Software installation that is incomplete/inappropriate.

⦁       An attack from malware or virus on your Windows computer.

⦁       Windows Registry that is corrupted.

⦁       Deleting important files or drivers by mistake from the computer.

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Some effective solutions to quickly fix QuickBooks Error 6189

Go through the following solutions step by step and execute them if you want to get rid of QuickBooks Error 6189. The most effective guide to solve this error are as follows:

Solution 1: Downloading  and Installing the QuickBooks Tools Hub

A troubleshooting service tool known as the QuickBooks Tools Hub can be installed and downloaded on your computer. It is an effective way of fixing errors like the one you are facing right now. The ultimate tool is used for fixing and also for getting rid of these technical issues. This is how you can download & install it on your Windows:

⦁ Exit the QuickBooks application if it is running on your Windows computer.

⦁ Go to the official QB site and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.

⦁ The downloaded file needs to be saved in a location that you can easily find.

⦁ Open this downloaded file.

⦁ A window appears, here, you need to follow the steps for installing the tool.

⦁ After completing the process of installation, on your Windows computer, double tap the icon for opening the tool.

⦁ Run the “Fix my Program” on the Tools Hub for troubleshooting your error. The steps for doing it is mentioned below:

⦁ Go to the QuickBooks Tools Hub and from here, select “Program Problems”.

⦁ Then choose the “Quick Fix my Program” option.

⦁ Launch the QuickBooks Desktop on your computer, Program-Problems-tab-in-QuickBooks-Tool-HubNow.

⦁ Now, open the. QBW data file and check if the QuickBooks Error -6189 is fixed.

⦁ If the problem of the QuickBooks error issue still persists, jump to the next step of fixing it.

Solution 2: Your Server And Computer Needs to be Restarted

⦁ Restart every device with access to your company file.

⦁ Restart the server too if the server has your data.

⦁ Go to the next fixing guide, if QuickBooks Error Code 6189 is still not resolved.

Solution 3: The QuickBooks Database Manager Needs To Be Run On Your Server

All your QuickBooks Company files are generally stored on your server computer, and on your other operating devices linked to the network. QuickBooks Database Manager helps in fixing the error if you host a network on your server computer. The steps of running QBDM on your server computer are as follows:

⦁ Firstly, you need to open the QuickBooks Tools Hub on your Windows.

⦁ Then, select the “Network Issues” tab.

⦁ Next, select the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. A message for installing QuickBooks on the server appears if you have not downloaded the application.

⦁ In the QuickBooks Database Server Manager Window, click on the “Start Scan” on seeing your company file(s). If not, go to your company file’s location and click on the “Start Scan” option.

⦁ Your firewall permissions will be automatically repaired by The QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

⦁ After the process of scanning is done, press the “Close” option.

⦁ On your computer, open QuickBooks Company files where your network is connected. If the QuickBooks Error 6189 persists, go to the next solution.

Solution 4: Renaming Of The Network Data File (.ND) And The Transaction Log File (.TLG)

Both the configuration files, ND and.TLG help in enabling the QuickBooks for using a QBs company file. Steps to rename the files are as follows:

⦁ Go to the folder where the company file is saved.

⦁ Search for the files with the same name as that of your company files, saved with the extensions.ND and.TLG:

  1. qbw.nd
  2. qbw.tlg

⦁ Then, right-click on both of these files each, and click on “Rename”.

⦁ You need to add ‘OLD’ at the end of ND and TLG filename.

⦁ Then, re open the QuickBooks and get yourself signed in on your company file for opening it.

⦁ Try the next fixes, if you still find the error.

Solution 5: Transfering The Company Files To The Local Hard Drive

If you have stored your company file on a removable drive, transfer the. QBW file to the local hard drive. Transferring the company file to the local drive fixes your problem.

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We hope that you have learned about the entire fixing procedure in steps. But if you are still not able to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6189, feel free to call us. Our skilled and experienced technicians will rightly assist you.

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